About Artventist

Mission Statement (What is artventist?)

Artventist is a non-commercial online community for Adventist artists and creatives. Its purpose is connecting, sharing and networking. Its mission is the dedication and cultivation of creative expressions of the Adventist faith and the arts.


The name artventist derives from the Latin word ars (engl. „art“) and adventus (arrival) and describes any artist / creative believer who is waiting for the soon return of Jesus Christ.

The name was first developed by Daniel Wildemann and Manuel Lorenz in 2006 who back then were desperately looking for likeminded Adventist creatives in the German speaking countries. As a web-community in the pre-facebook era it connected in the years around 80 artists, creatives and cultural aware Adventists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In 2017 the Adventist artist community is writing a new international chapter: Sebastian Latorre, Manuel Wildemann and Danillo Cabrera built a new website based on that original idea. Connecting creative people around the globe. This is right now.

Philosophy or A brief theology of Art

From the first unto the last page of the bible God is portrayed as God of creation. „In the beginning he created heaven and the earth“ tells Genesis chapter 1, and in the closing chapters of the book of Revelation God eventually promises the creation of a „new haven and a new earth“ (Rev 21:5). Man was „created in the image“ and likeness of the creator (Gen 1:27), thus with the same ability and desire to create him- or herself. In other words: this means that the potential of art is inherent to human condition and his experience of life.

artventist is encouraging to answer this god given calling to all form of creative expression and arts. It is the call fo the „art ship of all believers“ that seek for new ways of communication in an ever changing world. In doing so, the artist tries to live according to the Golden Rule (Matt 22:37-39) in awareness of God, others as well as of him- and herself. It is from here, where his and her art is originated.